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Hi, thanks for your messages! Unfortunately, I don’t think I completely understand all of it, especially with what comes after and including the child porn. What does that have to do with the events exactly?

The post I made addressed the women-only stipulation under the assumption that it was meant to safeguard the personal safety of women. I do realise that SM is a Shojo manga/anime geared toward a female audience, and I have no problems if the event coordinators simply want to ensure that the turnout of fans at the event reflects that vision.

But I still don’t think gender-limiting the attending fans in response to overzealous male fans buying and hoarding all the merch is appropriate. If all the previous events were dominated by men, wouldn’t it be prudent of them (esp. financially) to be more inclusive towards men? Just my thoughts.

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I picked up major homophobic vibes from the decision to allow men to attend the SMC premiere event only if accompanied by a woman. I get that this is about stopping gross otaku guys from harassing women but as a gay man, I don’t see why other gay men can’t attend unless they drag a woman with them. My partner and I have been Sailor Moon fans since our school days so what’s the problem? What about trans women? Are they basing gender on looks? This seems so problematic and foolish.

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Homophobic? No. Sexist? Maybe. And definitely worth questioning especially if the motive behind the stipulation of having a female companion is to create a “safe space” for women from “gross otaku guys” - the underlying implication being that women are at the mercy of men.

I find it incredibly ironic that the conditions for entrance to an SM event emphasize female vulnerability when one of the central themes to Sailor Moon is female empowerment and independence. What is also disconcerting to me is the portrayal of men as perpetrators and aggressors of violence. If the prospect of imminent male-on-female violence and harassment is oh so threatening, where and when do we draw the line for creating these so-called “safe spaces”? Why don’t we segregate classes and workplaces by gender? Why should women live in constant fear of men?

There seems to be this pervasive Manichean view on social justice issues: one subset of people (women, blacks, gays) are perennial victims who should be given special privileges, while another subset are profiled to be the sole offenders of social crimes. There is absolutely no grey area. The reality is that every group is disadvantaged in their own way, and social justice that caters to a particular group isn’t justice at all - it’s preferential treatment and that’s not equality. 

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This is a screenshot of Ami’s completed schoolwork, and there’s something that’s bothering me about this - it’s the fact that I got different answers. Before I elaborate, I should note that I can’t read any of the Japanese so I simply solved for the unknowns. It’s entirely possible that I misinterpreted the question (albeit unlikely since it’s math — the universal language).

Without going into the details, the answers I got were (in order): 2+2√3, 2-4√3, -2+8√3, 2, 7.

We got the same answers for the last two. The way I solved for the remaining three assumes equivalent values for the three As (there are three separate equations) so that might be the problem. In other words, this may not be a system of equations. What’s weird is that I substituted Ami’s answers (the three that we differed on) into the first equation and it didn’t work out: the equation doesn’t add up. So… what gives? Did the genius girl who scored perfects blunder on a simple algebra problem or am I missing something?

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Mamoru Chiba (1992 vs. 2014)

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SM/SMC: Shingo

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SM/SMC: Usagi Tsukino

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Ami-chan, let's keep being friends from now on.
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